Handmade jewelry – not only for wedding

Handmade jewelry – one of the most popular and stylish accessories. It is distributed in these categories: bridal hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewelry sets, groom accessories, groom accessories and flower girls. Handmade jewelry shop is located in Lithuania capital – Vilnius, Stikliai street. Handmade accessories are perfect for special occasions like prom, birthday or wedding. Unique accessories are made from rhinestones, Swarovski pearls, silver or gold wire, feathers or flowers. The shop offers free shipping and possibility to have delicate, beautiful and handmade accessory.

Handmade jewelryOne of the main occasion when people choose to wear handmade jewelry – wedding. Spring and summer are the most popular time when people get married, so don’t be late to order your own stylish jewelry. Wedding handmade earrings can be made from silver and gold. Bridal hair accessories can be different types like bridal wedding headbands, adornments and vines, lace combs and pins, hair vines and pins and bridal combs for hair. Vintage, modern, retro or other style of accessories will make your look gorgeous and let you feel like a queen on your special day. Don’t lose a chance to shine bright on the dance floor and during the ceremony in a church. If brides don’t like hair accessories, they can wear jewelry sets which include earring and bracelets, wedding hair crown and a necklace, earrings with champagne color pearls and bracelet with crystals. In the shop there are much more opportunities to choose accessories which you like the most or you can order your own jewelry set.

Depending on bride’s style, there is a big choice of different styles of necklaces. Huge bridal pearls necklace, bridal freshwater three strand pearl necklace, long crystal wedding necklace, unique gold wire wedding necklace collar, old Hollywood style long crystal necklace and much more.

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